Mission Statements

1. Focus on Client and Service Excellence.
2. Attention to the Local Needs of the Countries in which we operate.
3. Respect for the Environment

Thanks to the quality of the Services we offer to our Customers, Tarros is a  leader in the field of Mediterranean container transport. The goal is to offer the customer a professional service that matches our customer’s requirements; that is why we review our performances on a daily basis to maintain our standards.

The company’s relationship with its customers is based on personal assistance throughout every step of the shipment . The customer is always supported and its needs are promptly met.
The quality of training the Tarros staff receive ensures a high level of professionalism. Customers can easily communicate with Tarros staff in order to ask for advice and explanations, in the knowledge that they will receive quality assistance, but above all they can expect care, courtesy, professionalism, and flexibility. This is the priority for Tarros whoever the client may be.
Tarros is actively involved with several projects in the Local Community


TARROS is involved in the social sphere, for example Gruppo Sportivo Tarros which aims at reducing the environmental impact of its events. This decision reflects our wishes to share with the local community in the desire to make the environment in which we live, more sustainable.




The project “Le avventure di un grande contenitore” aims at educating on image and intercultural exchange. Since 2002, it has involved more than 1,800 Italian and foreign children, from La Spezia, Alexandria, Misurata (Libya), Casablanca (Morocco), La Valletta (Malta), Gozo (Malta), Bastia (France), Almeria (Spain).



TARROS’ is supporting sporting activities such as, Volleyball (Volley Tarros), basketball (Spezia Basket Club Tarros), football (S.S.D. Tarros Calcio Sarzana), and also canoeing, and it takes part in the Palio del Golfo of La Spezia, a historic rowing race between 13 “palio” boats, similar to the national “gozzos” but handmade by local craftsmen.



TARROS pays particular attention to the environment. Simple initiatives can improve the quality of our lives and our lifestyles. The strength of the commitment of each of us, even in the smallest actions, can help to improve the quality of our planet.


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