Established in 1828 as  M.A. Grendi, Tarros – today a leading company in the intra-Mediterranean shipping – offers to its Clients an efficient and reliable service from departure to destination.
These  are the main steps in the Company’s evolution:


TARROS was incorporated


TARROS creates his first container fleet in compliance to ISO standards


in springtime a new container service between Genoa and Sardinia started with two small Ro–Ro container ships –, Vento del Golfo and Vento di Levante – , the first liner vessels carrying containers on intra–Mediterranean routes.


due to a conflictual situation with stevedores in Genoa caused by the employment of self sustained vessels, Tarros moved to La Spezia, where better port conditions allowed development. The company started a liner service from La Spezia to Sardinia.


and following years: the Group upgraded its own activities in La Spezia, with a new Ro–Ro quay and also organizing road/rail transport and Groupage services. Meantime Tarros Mediterranean network was expanded introducing new services to Libya (1975), Tunisia and Malta (1978), Turkey and Egypt (1984).


The Tarros network in the Mediterranean has been extended with the introduction of new services in Libya.


The naval services are created to Tunisia and Malta


Tarros developed a new inland activity in S. Stefano Magra through the subsidiary Nora Spa, specialized in container storage, repairs and maintenance, being the first, in Italy, to operate an automated empty container depot.


New naval services are created for Turkey and Egypt


Tarros opened the new port terminal “Cantieri Navali del Golfo” designed, built and operated by Tarros and now denominated “Terminal del Golfo”.


New Morocco Line, with regular services from La Spezia to Casablanca.


New Algeria Line, with regular services to/from Algeri


Foundation of CMS (Services Maritime Company), the maritime and customs agency located in La Spezia.


A 2nd crane available at Terminal del Golfo; in the meanwhile were created Tarros Algerie, Tarros Hellas and Tarros Uk.


Establishment of CARBOX, a Tarros Group company that deals with trucking; in Tunisia born the new agency MedLion


From Tarros and Transoceanica partnership born Tarros Sud, sales agent for Tarros in the south of Italy


A 3rd crane available at Terminal del Golfo.
Tarros Group grows with Tarros Maroc agency.
MedLion became Tarros Tunisie.
In Santo Stefano di Magra born Sernav Log dealing with the complete management of the goods.


Tarros creates Tarros Lybia and Tarros Express Egypt


Establishment of MSS (Mediterranean Shipping Service) in Malta, with the aim to manage part of sales activities.


Terminal del Golfo obtain AEO certification as reliabile and solvent operator


Tarros receives ISO 14001 certification which focuses on environmental management systems and OHSAS 18001 certification on Occupational Health and Safety Assessment.


New regular services to Lattakia (Syria) and Beirut (Lebanon)
Foundation of Tarros Denizcilik Turkey.
Establishment of Master Project and Logistics, maritime agency which offers special transport and several kinds of industrial projects.


New Tarros Portugal. MedAgensea agency in Algeria replaces Tarros Algerie


New Adriatic Line


Tarros obtain AEO certification.
Morbidelli appointed as maritime agent in Ancona.


All Main Tarros services become Weekly (ITE, GPS, SLA), and they begin Regular services from Fos-sur-Mer. Medmar become maritime agent in Venice.


Tarros keeps its strong presence in the Mediterranean and all the main services are now weekly.

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